Professional Cleaning & Janitorial Services in Plano, TX

Janitorial Services

For a fast response time and competitive rate. Schedule your daily service today! WE pay attention to the details in the following areas:

• Retail Store Cleaning
• Office Cleaning
• Construction Cleanup
• Make Ready Cleanup
• Grout Cleaning
• High Dusting

• School Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
• Floor Waxing
• Nightly/Daily Janitorial Cleaning
• Interior/Exterior Window Washing
• On-Site Day or Night Porters

Wood, Tile, and Grout Cleaning

Sometimes, it seems like no matter how many times you clean some surfaces, they never stay clean. Our wood and tile/grout cleaning services are a solution to your pesky floor problem.

Our technicians machine-scrub your floor to remove dirt particles and condition the surface with cleaning solutions to improve the condition of your floor. By cleaning, buffing, and polishing your space, your hardwood floor and/or tile floor will look brand new after every treatment. 

Rugs and Upholstery Cleaning

No space is complete without an extra accent to pull the room together. We understand how important it is to keep these decorative elements and furniture pieces clean. Utilize our rug and upholstery cleaning services to restore your rugs, couches, pillows, and more back to brand new.

We offer both dry and steam cleaning to recondition your favorite items. Here is a list of commonly serviced items:

• Couches
• Mattresses
• Area Rugs (Including Wool and Persian Rugs)
• Pillows
• Chairs
• Bar Stools

Commercial Space Cleaning

Designed to ensure your business spaces are in pristine condition to provide a welcoming, safe environment for your customers. This bundled service includes sweeping, dusting, mopping, window cleaning, and trash removal for each area needed. Here is a list of spaces we can maintain:

• Retail Stores
• Schools/Daycares
• Churches
• Dealerships
• Office Buildings
• Post-Construction Sites
• Other 

Be sure to inquire about COVID cleaning treatment. This cleaning procedure uses an FDA-approved, electrostatic treatment to safely sanitize surfaces and keep everyone safe.

Carpet Cleaning

We use the latest technology with our carpet cleaning service. Our professional van mounted equipment and highly trained service technicians are mature and bring both extensive experience and excellent references from very satisfied customers in the past. We wouldn't be surprised if you request one of them to return to your location. Our solutions are environmentally safe and tailored to remove dirt, oily residue and most spills in your carpet without deteriorating its lifespan. 

Why Lasting Image?

Carpet is the largest filter in your home. It collects dirt, allergens, mold, and bacteria and is capable of holding one pound of dirt/soil per square foot before you ever notice. Vacuuming removes top-level dirt, but you need deep steam cleaning to tackle the grime that can build up over time. Our carpet cleaning method is recommended by carpet manufacturers, and our cleaning products are safe for your family and fur babies. 

Some of the benefits of having your carpets professionally cleaned are:

Allergens, Mold, and Bacteria Removed:

Having your carpet deep steam cleaned will break down allergens such as pollen, mold, and pet dander. It will also remove mold spores that are likely built up in your carpet. Lastly, the hot steam kills all bacteria that may be lurking on your carpet. Bacteria builds over time but lasts no time when you hire Lasting image Janitorial Service.

Extend the Life of Your Carpet:

Carpet manufacturers recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned every 3-18 months. Doing so will add longevity to the life of your carpets!